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Contains hundreds of titles available completely free. The collection has been handpicked by editors and is a mix of stories to entertain, engage, and inform young people, Ages 0-18.


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Starnet STEM Activity Clearinghouse
Free science and technology activities and resources

The World Almanac for Kids Elementary

The World Almanac for Kids
Contains excellent resources for student reports and research, including extensive, up-to-date articles; videos; interactive games; science projects; and Homework Help; plus Teacher Resources with lesson plans.

High School

EBSCO PrepSTEP for High Schools
Resources including practice tests, tutorials, e-books, articles and flashcards to help students. The link will enable you and your students to access PrepSTEP for High Schools. Students will need to create an account using an email address and password. This will allow them to save their progress.

  • Improve core skills in English language arts, math and science, social studies and computers
  • Prepare for AP®, SAT®, ACT® and other college entrance exams
  • Prepare for military entrance tests (ASVAB, CFAT)
  • Explore colleges and careers
  • Search for scholarships
  • Prepare for occupational certification tests (e.g., allied health, nursing, teaching and many more)


Chelsea House Biographies Online
A one-stop online resource for all the biography needs of middle and high school students, or anyone interested in discovering the lives of fascinating people. Featuring full-length biographies from Chelsea House, the leading publisher of biographies for the school and library market, this award-winning content is the ideal length for book reports at 100+ pages and perfect for student research.


Ferguson's Career Guidance Center
A comprehensive resource for career exploration and planning that allows users to quickly find the valuable career information they need, whether it’s industry and professions articles, school planning resources, or skills and career advice. The material draws from a range of authoritative sources, including Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance.

Current Events

World News Digest

For more than 75 years, World News Digest has been a go-to resource for context and background on key issues of both historical events and breaking news. With more than 300,000 original articles and a vast archive covering every major event since its inception, this database offers concise summaries of current events and clearly written essays on the top issues of the day.


Health Reference Center
Includes comprehensive, in-depth coverage of body systems, current health issues, major diseases and conditions, treatments, and procedures, as well as health and nutrition information specific to men, women, children, teens, and seniors. The up-to-date information comes from hundreds of authoritative sources, plus users can find thousands of videos, illustrations, journal articles from PubMed Central, and reference articles from MedlinePlus.


World Geography and Culture
The definitive resource for the study of countries, cultures, and geography concepts and skills. Every country of the world is profiled in depth, covering all aspects of its geography, history, society, and culture. At-a-glance information, maps and flags, videos, images, gazetteer entries, biographies of famous people, a timeline, and current news supplement each country profile. Comprehensive entries about the U.S. states are also available.


Issues & Controversies in American History
Delivers dynamic, concise, and balanced coverage that provides the background, outcome, and contemporary points of view for every major debate and conflict in American history. Presented in a pro/con format that clearly explains both sides of the historical dispute, each article is supported by a timeline and a wealth of primary sources.

Modern World History
Offers a comprehensive look at world history from the mid-15th century to the present. Thousands of subject entries, biographies, images, videos and slideshows, maps and graphs, primary sources, and timelines combine to provide a detailed and comparative view of the people, places, events, and ideas that have defined modern world history.


Colorado Classroom: Read with Me at Home
K-3 literacy lessons will be broadcast Monday-Friday from 8am-10am on Rocky Mountain PBS.Accompanying lesson plans and student work packets will be posted on this website. These printed materials will be shipped without charge to families without internet access, on request, by calling 800-274-6666.


Bloom’s Literature
Offers a comprehensive resource for the study of literature. Edited and curated by Yale University professor Harold Bloom, this database includes thousands of critical essays and discussion questions, plus author biographies and character analyses, full-length poems, the full text of hundreds of reference books, full-length videos of classic plays and films, and more.


World Religions
Explores religion and spirituality in an objective manner, from the ceremonies of the first practitioners to the elaborate rituals of today. The database’s Topic Centers feature specially selected content on 15 of the world’s religions and traditional spiritual practices, including information on important topics, spiritual leaders, sacred texts, and holy days and festivals.


Science Online
Offers expansive reference coverage of the full range of scientific disciplines through extensive essays, videos, diagrams, definitions, interactives, and experiments. Comprehensive Topic Centers help students find a starting point for their research, and the science eLearning modules cover core topics with Teacher Support.


CLEL's storyblocks
Storyblocks is a project of Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy, working in partnership with Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting services. It is a collection of 30-60 second videos designed to model to parents, caregivers and library staff songs, rhymes and fingerplays appropriate for early childhood.


Harry Potter at Home
This special Harry Potter At Home hub is where you’ll find all the latest things to keep you occupied – from special activity kits from Bloomsbury to Scholastic, to nifty magical craft videos (teach your friends how to draw a Niffler!) fun articles, quizzes, puzzles and more.


Learn360 + Classroom Video
Provides thousands of K-12 multimedia resources—including videos and clips, interactives, images, audio files, worksheets—plus AP level videos for high schools.