Library Services and How to Use Your Account

Digital Services

Each library provides WiFi access that is open and free to the public during library hours. Internet access and word processing are also available for use on public computers.

The library offers eBooks, eAudiobooks and eMagazines for checkout through Overdrive. For help with digital media visit our help page. Various devices such as Kindles, iPads, Chromebooks and Video Editing Equipment can be checked out with a library card. To find out more information, visit our Technology page.

Printing and Photocopying Services

Black and white copying is available at the Main Library and the North Branch Library for .10 per page. Black and white and color copying is available for .25 per page at the South Branch Library.

Black and white and color printing from a public computer is available for .25 per page at all three locations.

Wireless Printing is available at the South Branch Library. First you must activate your library card or printing card in person at the library. Then by logging into our printing website, you can remotely upload documents from a personal computer or laptop. To retrieve your documents, bring your library or printing card into the South Branch Library within 48 hours and release your documents from the printer by scanning your card. For wireless printing instructions, click here.


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Outreach Services

The Summit County Library Outreach program partners with the Community & Senior Center’s Mountain Meals on Wheels program, who provide nutritious meals to homebound individuals throughout the county. If you are a recipient of Meals on Wheels, you may be eligible to receive book,cdbook and dvd deliveries along with your meals. To learn more, please contact 970-668-2942 or email Niki Vincze.

How to Use Your Library Account

How do I access 'My Account' on the library website?

To access your library card record, click on 'My Account' in the top right corner. Enter your last name and the entire library card number starting with the 420 (no spaces) and click 'Login.'

From within your account you may renew items, view your fines and review your reading history.

How do I renew my library books?

You can renew your library materials up to two times online (If an item is on hold for another patron, you may not be able to renew your item). Once logged in, simply click the blue “Renew” button, or select the titles you want to renew, and click the white “Renew Selected Items” button. You can also select “Renew All” to renew all your checked out items.

If you want to download a digital file of all the books you have checked out or on hold, you can click “Export to Excel” to download an .xls file.

How do I track my reading history?

We care about your privacy, and that means we don’t keep a record of books you’ve checked out in the past. But if you want to keep track of the materials you check out, you can start recording your reading history through your library account. It will start recording from the moment you opt in, but will not include items you checked out in the past.

Login to “My Account” on On the left side panel, select “Reading History.” Then click the “Start Recording My Reading History” button.

Can I see how much my fines are?

Yes. Click ‘Fines and Messages’ on the left. This amount must be paid in person at a Summit County Library by cash or check.

How do I request materials?

Use the ‘Search’ field at the top left to enter in the subject, title or author. From there you can narrow your results using the categories on the left. Pay attention to what type of material it is: Book, CD book, DVD, etc. Place a hold on any item within Summit County or outside of the county by clicking the blue 'Place Hold' to the right of an item listing. Choose the Summit County Library where you want to pick the item up and receive an e-mail, call or text when it arrives.

How do I see what I have on hold?

Click ‘Titles on Hold’ on the left. This will show what is ready for pickup and any materials that are still pending.

Can I receive text messages to notify me when my holds arrive or my materials are due?

Yes. Click on this link to sign up here. Enter your whole library number starting with the 420 with no spaces and your phone number.

You will receive a text back asking you to text CONFIRM to 'continue and verify library message registration.' You are now all signed up and will receive reminder texts when items you place on hold are ready for pick up or when materials you have checked out are coming due.

Text 'MyBooks' to see the status of all your library items.

Text 'Stop' if you no longer want to receive text message notifications.

Can I freeze my holds on materials if I am going on vacation?

Yes. However, if you are the only person on the waitlist, your hold may still be fulfilled. If an item is already in transit, you will not be able to freeze it.

Under my account find your 'Titles on Hold.' Next to the item click 'Freeze Hold.'

Just remember when you return, click “Thaw Hold” to put your name back in the queue.

How do I link my family accounts?

Does your family have multiple library card accounts? You can keep track of everything you have checked out and on hold in one place by linking your accounts.

After logging in, click “Account Settings” from the left side bar. Then scroll down to “Linked Accounts” to begin. To add someone’s account, you’ll need their name and library card number. They will then be able to see that you can view their account.

When you place a hold, you will need to select which account name you want the hold placed under, and when you come to pick up the hold, you will need to have the correct library card with you.

How can I keep track of books I want to read?

Lists are a great way to keep track of items in our system that you would like to check out in the future. To add an item to a list, click the green “Add to List” button at the bottom of an item entry:

You can then choose a list or create a new list and you can review your list items by going in to your account and clicking “My Lists” from the left side panel.


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Lists of Bestsellers

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Book Clubs

To join a local Book Club in Summit County please ask your librarian at one of our three locations for a list of open clubs to contact.

Book Club Tea Recommendations

If you are looking for ideas for your book club, or just for a good book, check out this list, 2018 Book Club Tea.


Outreach Services

We partner with the Community & Senior Center’s Mountain Meals on Wheels program, who provide nutritious meals to homebound individuals throughout the county. If you are a recipient of Meals on Wheels, you may be eligible to receive books, CD books and DVD deliveries along with your meals.

If you are interested in this program or have questions, please contact 970-668-2942 or email Niki Vincze for more information about the Meals on Wheels program.

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