Summit County Libraries accepts new or gently used:

  • Hardcover and Paperback books
  • Media materials (DVD’s and Audiobooks) in perfect / good condition

The library cannot use the following materials:

  • Damaged books or books in poor condition
    • Water or mold/mildew damage
    • Missing or torn pages and covers
    • Stains
    • Highlighting or handwriting (except author signed books)
  • Textbooks
  • Encyclopedias
  • Out of date books
    • Old nonfiction or irrelevant information
  • Magazines
  • VHS or cassette tapes

Your donations are Tax Deductible

Per your request, library staff will provide you with a letter of receipt that you may fill out for tax purposes. The library staff is not qualified to determine the value of your donation. It will be up to you to assign a value for tax purposes. Letters of receipt may be obtained at the circulation desk or library office.

What does the Summit County Library do with donations?

All donations are greatly appreciated and have many uses at the libraries:

  • The library sells donated items at 3 yearly Friends of the Library book sales and on Friends of the Library bookshelves located at each branch. The money raised by these sales goes to fund programming and purchase library materials.
  • Donated materials may also be added to the library collection or used to replace a book that has been well loved.
  • Donated children’s books and media can be used as prizes for programming.
  • Donated materials that the library cannot sell are distributed to:
    • Schools and libraries in need
    • Paperback Book Exchange
    • Summit County Library On the Go (located in Breckenridge and Frisco transit centers)
    • Summit County inmates in the detention facility
    • Recycled

What can I do with materials the library cannot accept?

Recycle! Reuse!

  • For magazines, you don’t need to remove anything from inside the magazine, such as staples, the cardstock ads or even perfume samples. You can also leave the cover and binding.
  • If the magazine came in a plastic bag, you’ll want to remove and recycle this separately.
  • For paperback books, you can recycle the book whole, including the binding. For hardcover books, you’ll need to remove the cover because it has non-paper components.
  • If either your books or magazines have gotten wet or the paper has turned tan or brown, they should be thrown away with your household trash, as there is no recycling market for this material.