Summit County Board of Trustees

The Library is a county department which abides by State library laws. The seven member Board of Trustees (BOT) is appointed by the Summit County Commissioners. The members are selected to represent the geographic area of the county and serve for a 5-year term without financial compensation. The BOT governs the library, establishes policies, and employs a library director to carry out the policies and manage the library.

View the 2014 strategic plan here.

The BOT meets monthly on the fourth Thursday of each month, usually at the County Commons. Meetings are open to everyone, please come by or email us with comments or concerns.

David Chinoy
Strategic Planning Committee Chair

David is a retired cardiologist from Florida with a life-long love of literature, music, cinema, and adventure travel.

Kathrine Jansen

Kathrine is pleased to have the opportunity to serve on the board, and enjoys snowshoeing, hiking, and reading.

Mary Kidd

Mary is a retired banker, loves cooking, reading, hiking, skiing, and living in Colorado!

Elizabeth Edgar Lowe

Elizabeth serves as the Summit Head Start 0-5 Director at Early Childhood Options.

Kristina Nethaway
Friends of the Library Liaison

Kristina is a retired goldsmith who loves libraries because, "Information wants to be free” (Stuart Brand).

Barbara Parry
Foundation Liaison & Community Relations

Barbara is a new resident of Summit County, moving here from Iowa and enjoys knitting.

Donna Tyburski

Donna is a retired elementary school teacher/principal who loves living in Summit County, crocheting, hiking, reading, and skiing.