Featured Titles


  1. March 1 - 31: Teen Take and Make Bookmarks

    With all of the COVID reading you are probably doing, you are probably looking for a change in bookmark! Reserve one of these kits to make two magnetic tassel bookmarks. Supplies are limited, so email your local Summit C…

    1–31 March 2021

  2. Tinker Tots Preschooler Take Home Kits

    Summit County Library is launching Tinker Tots - a brand new STEAM program for you and your little ones. Each month you will be able to reserve a take home kit from your local library branch exploring something new. In t…

    1–31 March 2021

  3. March 1 - 31: Take and Make Craft for Juniors: Jar of Wishes

    Make a jar of wishes with this take-home craft! This kit will allow you to write wishes/compliments on paper fold them into 3D stars! Gift your jar of wishes to a friend or save them for a rainy day! Recommended ages 1s…

    1–31 March 2021