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  1. May 1 - 28 Take and Make Craft for Adults: Upcycled Book Flower Press

    It might be a little early for flower collecting in the Rockies, but get excited for summer with this month’s take and make. We are turning recycled books into homemade flower presses! All you need to supply is some card…

    1–28 May 2021

  2. May 1 - 28: Teen Take and Make - Sock Donuts

    Make a plush donut out of a sock, pillow stuffing, and felt! Great as a stress ball, dog toy, pin cushion, or to just look cute on your desk. Email your local branch to request your craft kit.

    1–28 May 2021

  3. May 1 - 28: Junior Take-and-Make Craft: Wood Cookie Tic-Tac-Toe

    Make your own game for at home or travel with this month’s take home kit! This kit will have the supplies to turn a wood cookie slice into a game of tic-tac-toe with pebbles! Meanwhile, learn a little bit about the rings…

    1–28 May 2021

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