100 Books Before Graduation

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Summit County Libraries

has a new reading challenge for tweens and teens!

Participants win a prize for every 10 unique books read, and receive special grand prizes and recognition upon the completion of the challenge. All books read must be logged through the free Beanstack app.

All 100 books must be unique, but the format can be up to the reader with some exceptions:

What Qualifies:

  • Novels
  • Non-fiction
  • Short story/Poetry collections
  • Audiobooks
  • eBooks
  • Books for school
  • Graphic novels

What Does Not Qualify:

  • Newspapers
  • Children’s books
  • Repeated books
  • Magazines
  • Blog posts or online articles 

How it Works

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When: This is an ongoing challenge. Registration and logging for 100 Books before Graduation can be done at anytime.

How:  Teens 6th-12th grade can register themselves through the free Beanstack app on their mobile device or through the website: 
https://summitcountylibraries.beanstack.com. Beanstack will be used to log completed books, do special challenges, and keep track of friends.

Then what?:  Once registered, stop by any library branch in Summit County to pick up your registration prize. If you require a paper log (Spanish) or lose yours, please let staff know and we can get you a new one. For every 10 books read:

  • Registration - tote bag and book from the prize cart
  • 10 books – water bottle sticker
  • 20 books – book from prize cart
  • 30 books – choice from prize bucket
  • 40 books – book from prize cart
  • 50 books (halfway) – local business gift card
  •  60 books – book from prize cart
  • 70 books – choice from prize bucket
  •  80 books – book from prize cart
  • 90 books – choice from prize bucket
  • Completion prize

Spanish Version


100 Books might sound like a lot, but don’t worry!

100 books over 7 years comes out to just over a book a month.

 An Overview of Logging Books

1. Log each individual book through the Beanstack app by searching for the book and adding it to your account. Teens can register themselves instead of being a member under a family account.

2. You can keep track of pages, the time spent reading book, or just log every time you complete a book.  

3. You can also fill out the paper log (English and Spanish) and take it to the library. As you complete each section of ten books, the library staff can digitally log for you. To collect earned prizes; just ask the library staff.  

4. Collect fun prizes, check out some new books, join us for volunteering, advisory boards and fun teen programs and keep reading!

Common Questions

How do I check out library book's digitally or from the library?

All Summit School District students have full access to library materials, physical and digital, including Libby and Hoopla, with their student ID number. Read more about One Card here

Not a Summit School District student? Don't worry, if you are under 18 your guardian can sign up you for a youth library card. They just need to complete and sign this application English/Spanish.

Do I have to finish a whole book? What if I only make it halfway?

We encourage you to finish the book, if possible, but if you’re only 75% of the way through the book and just aren’t feeling it anymore (and it’s not required reading for school) just log it as if you’ve finished it and it will count towards your 100 books.

How do I know what to read?

There are so many books to read, so little time, and starting a reading journey might be overwhelming.

1. Your local library or local book store staffare great resources for suggestions. Browsing the library can also lead to the discovery of a favorite book.

2. Join a Book Club! Check the website calendar to see when our book clubs meet.

3. Voracious readers or readers stuck in a slump are welcome to fill out this form.  This form will ask for some favorite books or genres and will be sent to the teen library staff member who will curate a personal list with suggestions.

4. Have you heard of Novelist? Novelist is a great a way to get book recommendations. Log in with your card, enter your favorite author and/or title and have a list of read-a-likes generated just for you.

5. The app/website Goodreads is also a helpful resource. Use their niche booklists or read reviews on books you might be interested in. Don’t forget to follow the Summit County Library Teen Account on Goodreads for staff recommendations! 

I'm already a Junior or a Senior, I don't have 7 years left to read 100 books.

This is a new program for 2023 – so there will be some exceptions made for readers who are already in high school or closer to graduation than others. This will only be allowed for the 2023 -2024 and the 2024-2025 school years. All other readers must read and log 100 books.

  • Students who are Freshman or Sophomores (9th and 10th grade) will be able to log 50 books for completion.
  • Juniors and Seniors (11th and 12th grade) will be able to log 25 books for completion.

What are the prizes?

Year-round prize tiers will stay the same, although individual prizes may change depending on popular books and trends. For every 10 books read:

  • 10 books – water bottle sticker
  •  20 books – book from prize cart
  •  30 books – choice from prize bucket
  • 40 books – book from prize cart
  • 50 books (halfway!) – local business gift card
  • 60 books – book from prize cart
  • 70 books – choice from prize bucket
  • 80 books – book from prize cart
  • 90 books – choice from prize bucket
  • Completion - Adult Survival Kit 

Why all the reading?

  • Reading in an essential skill.
  • Reading books can be comforting and relaxing.
  • Reading can teach you about things you’ve never thought of before.
  • Reading is a way to keep your mind active for your whole life.
  • Reading can be an escape.
  • Reading can be a way to develop empathy and connect.
  • Reading can expand your vocabulary.
    There are many more are reasons to read. What’s your reason?

Can I participate in the challenge if I don't live in Summit County?

Yes! No library card is required to register for the program and you are welcome to log your reading on the Beanstack app. However, prizes do need to be picked up in person, so those are limited to participants who live in Summit County.


Email sclibrariesteens@gmail.com or call your local teen library staff member:

Bethany at Main Library - 970-668-4134
Christina at North Branch - 970-668-4280
Shayne at South Branch - 970-453-3544

This program is sponsored by the Friends of the Summit County LibrariesColorFriendssmall.jpg