Summit County Library Board of Trustees

The Library is a county department which abides by Colorado State library laws. The seven member Board of Trustees (BOT) is appointed by the Summit County Commissioners. The members are selected to represent the geographic area of the county and serve for a 3-year term. The BOT makes recommendations on policy and budget to the local governmental entity and acts as liaison between the library, local government, and the community. Access the By-Laws here.

Looking for an opportunity to make a difference and serve your community? Consider joining the Summit County Library Board of Trustees! We are looking for a new board member who can commit to serving a 3 year term. If you are interested, please submit your resume and cover letter to Haley Littleton (Library Board President) by November 10th 2021. For more information on the work of the Summit County Library and Library Trustees call Library Director, Stephanie Ralph at 970-668-4282.

The BOT meets monthly on the fourth Thursday of each month, usually at the County Commons. Meetings are open to everyone, please come by or email with comments or concerns.

View the 2020- 2023 strategic plan here.


Theresa Bucci

Theresa manages the technology team for an organization focused on ending educational inequity. She is a parent to a book-loving preschooler and enjoys camping, hiking, snowboarding, and traveling. 
(Term Ends: 12/23)


Carol Cannon

Carol works in HOA management and real estate.
(Term Ends:12/23)

Michael Good
Friends of the Library

Michael is a 33-year
resident of Summit County and a retired CPA.
(Term Ends:12/23)


Haley Littleton

Haley manages communications for One Earth Future Foundation. Previously, she ran communications for the Town of Breckenridge. She is an avid reader, cook, writer, skier, mountain biker, and library advocate.
(Term Ends:12/23)

Larrie Mackie_BOT.jpg

Larrie Mackie

Larrie is a 21 year resident of Summit County. He is a retired IT professional and educator. He enjoys volunteering, utilizing the library, skiing and travel. (Term Ends:12/21)

Barbara Parry
Library Foundation Liaison

Barbara is a resident of Summit County, moving here from Iowa and enjoys knitting.
(Term Ends:12/23)

Sarah Wilkinson

Sarah works for the Summit County Assessor’s Office. In her free time she reads board books with her children, takes walks with her dog, plays board games with her husband and goes jogging, biking and skiing.
(Term Ends:12/23)