Library Card FAQ

How do I apply for a Summit County Library Card?

You will need proof that you live or work in Summit County. A list of acceptable identification and our borrowing policies are accessible in English and Spanish. If you are under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign your library card application.


Can I get a library card if I don't live or work in Summit County?

Yes, you have two options. The first would be to purchase a guest card. These cost $10.00 (check, cash or card) and would be valid for one year.

The second option would be if you have a current library card at another library in Colorado. Colorado Libraries Collaborate (CLC) is Colorado’s reciprocal borrowing program. If you show us a card from another CLC library card, we will be able to issue you a reciprocal library card for Summit County.

Can I get a library card online?

Yes. You can apply for adult library card or a children's library card by filling out an online form: Adult Card and Children's Card (under 18). A library staff member will contact you  by phone or email with your library card number within 48 hours.

Please note: you will still need to visit your home library to pick up the physical card within 3 months in order to sign your application and library card or your library card will be blocked. Please bring your proof of residency in Summit County or another CO library card with you.

Can my children get a library card?

Yes. A parent or guardians can sign children birth - 18 years old up for their own youth library card. They will need to come into the library and complete the attached application in English or Spanish or fill out this form online.

Please note: If you sign up online you will still need to visit your home library to pick up the physical card within 3 months in order to sign your application and library card or your library card will be blocked.

How long is my library card valid and how do I renew it?

Summit County Library cards are valid for two years. After two years, your card can be renewed by phone or in person at any location.

What is a blocked Summit County Library Card?

A blocked library card is one that has expired or has billed items on the account. Items are billed if they have not been returned after 30 days or are damaged or incomplete.

How much are overdue fines?

Starting April 1, 2021, Summt County Library does not charge fines for overdue materials. Our goal as a library is to provide free, equitable access for all library patrons. However, billed charges for unreturned, damaged, or incomplete items will remain.

Can I pay my fees online?

We currently only accept in-person payments of credit card, cash, or check made out to Summit County Library.

What can I check out with my library card?

Your library card allows you to borrow books, e-books, e-audiobooks, Digital Magazines, Colorado State Park Passes, video steaming, CD books and DVD’s, as well as use of S.A.D. Lamps, iPads, Chromebooks and Video Production Equipment in the library. See Find It for more information and Stream & Download for our many digital resources.

How long can I keep library materials?

The check-out period is 2 weeks. Loan periods for e-books and e-audiobooks and digital magazines vary. 

How do I renew items checked out on my card?

Library materials may be renewed on our website using the My Account link on the top right of the page with your last name and library card number. Or you can call any branch to renew items over the phone. Visit the Library Services page to learn more. Renewals will be blocked if:

· There is billed item on the library account.
· Your card has expired or will expire prior to the new due date.
· There is a request by another patron for the item.

Where can I return materials?

You can return your materials to any Summit County Library location. All three libraries have outside book returns for use after hours.

Can I see a list of items I have previously checked out?

Visit our Library Services page to learn how to track your reading history. You do need to opt-in on your account to use this service; your reading history is not tracked automatically.

What if I lose or damage something I borrow?

If library materials are not returned within 30 days of the due date, you will receive a bill from the library. The bill includes the replacement cost of the lost item and a $5 non-refundable processing fee for each lost or damaged item. The library cannot accept replacement items in lieu of lost items.

What if I lose my library card?

Staff can issue a replacement card at the library for $2.50.

How do I download an eBook or eAudiobook on my device?

Download the Libby, by Overdrive app onto your phone or table. Watch a help video here. If you still need help, bring your device with you to a library.

How can I receive text messages when items are due or when my holds arrive?

Click this link to sign up or text "SIGNUP” to 970-620-9150.

You will receive a text back asking for your library card number. Enter the full number with no spaces, e.g. 4200000xxxxxx)

You are now activated and should receive reminder texts when items you placed on hold arrive or when your checked out materials are coming due.

Text NOTICES to view the current status of all the opt in/out notices. 

These notices are ON by default.  Texting the keyword (e.g. HOLDS) to 970-620-9150 will turn that type of notice off.  Text the keyword again to turn the notice back on.

  • HOLDS: This is a notice that you have holds ready to be picked up.
  • OVERDUE: This is a notice that things are already overdue.
  • RENEW: This is a notice that things will soon be due, and you can renew them.
  • FEES: This is a notice that there are fines or fees owed.

Other Commands (send all keywords to 970-620-9150):

TEST:  Test your connection to the service.

HELP: Get help with a command.  E.g., type HELP FEES to get help with that command.

MYBOOKS: Inquire about the status of all of your library items.

IOWEU: Get a list of fines and fees for all registered barcodes.

RHL: Get a list of holds expiring soon.

HL: Get a list of holds that are ready to pick up.

OA: The service will attempt to renew all overdue items and will reply with a list of items that were successfully and unsuccessfully renewed.

OL: Generates a numbered list of all overdue items eligible for renewal.

RA: The service will attempt to renew all items and will reply with a list of items that were successfully and unsuccessfully renewed.

RI: Get a list of items that are coming due and that cannot be renewed.

RL: Generates a numbered list of renewable items. 

MYCARDS: Generates a numbered list of the barcodes currently registered to your phone.

ADDCARD: This will add a barcode registered to your phone for notices.

DROPCARD: To remove a card from your phone for notices.

ADDEMAIL: Change email on your account.

SWITCHPHONE: Update your phone number or mobile service provider (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, etc). 

RESEND: Receive last message again. 

STOP: Immediately remove your number from the text service, no questions asked.

QUIT: Longer way to quit the service. You will be prompted to enter the barcode and will receive a message confirming your request.