About the Library

The Summit County Library is a community hub which serves the residents and visitors of Summit County with three locations in Frisco, Silverthorne and Breckenridge, Colorado. We aim to provide services and resources that meet the needs of our users and as such, we are constantly adding to our programs and collections.

We offer a variety of materials, programs for all ages and a wide range of digital resources, in order to give everyone in our community a welcoming environment and opportunities to search, connect and enjoy lifelong learning. The Library currently plays an essential part in developing early literacy skills and inspiring a love of reading. 
Our print collection includes: books, magazines, newspapers, CDbooks, DVDs, a large-print collection, books in Spanish. We also have an extensive digital collection accessible 24/7 that include: eBooks, eAudiobooks, reserch databases, digital magazines, tv show/film streaming, animated books, online classes, music and more. Access our digital collection here

We have two 'Library on the Go' book exchange locations at the Breckenridge and Silverthorne transit centers stocked with free books.

View the complete 2023-2024 strategic plan here.

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We provide easy access to all of our materials through an online catalog that allows you to place materials on hold. Items will be sent to your home library from another Summit County Library or libraries throughout the state. Interlibrary loan is available for materials not carried by the Summit County Library system. Research may be accomplished by searching a variety of databases accessible with a library card. Databases include digital versions of newspapers, journals, books, videos, language learning, encyclopedias and other reference works.

Collection Development Plan

We offer free programs and events for preschool and elementary age children, teens, and adults which you can view on our events calendar.

Program Guidelines 

All three libraries have meeting or study rooms available for public, private or non-profit organizations. For more information on reserving a room, please visit our Meeting Rooms page.


The Summit County Library Outreach partners with the Community & Senior Center’s Mountain Meals on Wheels program, who provide nutritious meals to home bound individuals throughout the county. If you are a recipient of Meals on Wheels, you may be eligible to receive book,cdbook, magazine and dvd deliveries along with your meals. To learn more, please contact  970-668-2940.



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Summit County Library Policies

Rules Governing Use of the Library

The Library staff is responsible for maintaining a safe, orderly and comfortable environment in the Library.

Library—any portion of the Library building or property, or any location in which a Library activity is taking place
Library Staff—any Library employee or Library volunteer

In order to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for the enjoyment of all, we ask that patrons/customers refrain from activities which include, but are not limited to:

· loitering
· placing feet on furniture
· sleeping
· talking on cell phones or any other electronic device
· soliciting
· leaving children unsupervised who may be at risk, vulnerable, or disruptive.
· bringing pets into the Library, other than service animals providing assistance to persons with disabilities
· leaving unattended pets on Library property, tethered or untethered
· harassing or purposefully annoying other persons or staff
· using abusive or obscene language
· viewing obscene material that is offensive to others in the building (obscenity in this document is: anything offensive to community standards of modesty or decency)
· using tobacco, marijuana, alcohol or illegal substances of any kind.
· being disorderly
· committing any acts set and determined to be illegal by local, state or federal law or ordinance

Anyone who violates these rules may be banned from the Library.

Revised and approved by the Summit County Library Board May 23, 2019

Guidelines for Computer and Internet Use

The Summit County Library is committed to serving the information and learning needs of library visitors. The internet contains a wide variety of material and opinions from various points of view. Not all sources provide information that is accurate, complete or current and some information may be considered offensive or inappropriate to users. While Summit County Library is sensitive to the concerns of users about internet content, no one, including the library, can control the information available on the internet. Everyone is responsible for his or her own use of the internet in the library. The library assumes no responsibility for the safety of equipment or for laptop configurations, security, or data files resulting from connection to the wireless network.

Internet Filters

In order to comply with Federal and State Law, including Colorado Revised Statutes §24-90-601, et seq., the Summit County Library applies a filter to block obscene or harmful websites. Users should be aware that filtering software is inherently imprecise and flawed and may not block information that some individuals may consider offensive, inaccurate, or inappropriate. Additionally, the filter may limit access to sites which have legitimate research value. Due to technological limitations, the library cannot guarantee that the filter will protect against access to internet material that is illegal, obscene, child pornography, or harmful to minors. Summit County Library may not infringe on users’ First Amendment rights other than as provided by law. Any user in a library facility who is 18 years of age or older may request an authorized library employee to disable the filter on public computers in the adult services area. Use of the internet and sites chosen for the library’s website uphold the American Library Association (ALA) guidelines.

Internet and computer terms of Use

1. Users sign up for the use of the public computers
2. Public computers are available on a first-come first-served basis.
3. Fees may be charged for office services such as copying and printing.
4. Users are liable for any damages relating to the use of the public computers

Unacceptable Use of the Internet by Patron of any age

Inappropriate use of computers or wireless access may result in loss of computer privileges, wireless access privileges, and/or Library privileges. Inappropriate Use includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Use of the Library’s electronic resources for illegal or criminal use.
  2. Use of the Library’s electronic resources to access, display, transmit, or disseminate sexually explicit images.
  3. Use of the Library’s electronic resources in violation of copyright laws or in violation of licenses to program or data.
  4. Use of the Library’s electronic resources to seek or gain unauthorized access to a computer or computing system, or to inflict damage or to alter software or hardware components of a computer or computing system.
  5. Use of Library electronic resources to obtain or access data passwords or other property belonging to other users.
  6. Use of the Library’s electronic resources while representing on self as another user unless explicitly authorized to do so by that user.
  7. Use of the Library’s electronic resources while falsifying one’s age to gain access to Internet sites.
  8. Use of the Library’s electronic resources beyond the time limits established by library staff.
  9. Use of the Library’s electronic resources to send intimidating, offensive, or harassing messages
  10. Use of the Library’s electronic resources to access, display, transmit, or disseminate materials, whether in text or graphic form, so as to unlawfully harass or threaten the Library’s patrons or staff or any other person
  11. Use of the Library’s electronic resources to make unauthorized disclosure, use or dissemination of personal information regarding minors.
It is the policy of the Library to report illegal activities to law enforcement. Library staff members who witness conduct involving illegal use of the computers will immediately report their observations to the police.

Use of the internet by children and teens:

Parents and designated caregivers are responsible for their minor children’s use of computers, the internet and the wireless network while in the library. The Summit County Library does not act in the place or role of parent or caregiver. Parents are expected to accompany children in need of supervision on library visits to ensure the safety and well-being of children. All public computers are filtered; however, filtering software is not perfect and may not block everything that might be considered objectionable.

Revised and approved by the Summit County Library Board January 23, 2020

Library Bill of Rights

The American Library Association affirms that all libraries are forums for information and ideas, and these basic policies should guide their services.